About Ráscal

At Ráscal, we value human relations and the experiences that take place around the kitchen. We like to welcome our guests, share meals, remember the flavors of a special trip. Around our table we gather friends and families, we celebrate the birth of children that are dear to us, we acknowledge our achievements, we meet and enjoy the taste of traveling and coming back.

Ráscal Delivery

Salads, Bowls, Fresh Pasta, Pizza and Special Dishes

Order and receive at home classic Ráscal dishes such as our Ráscal Ravioli, our Alfredo Fettuccine, our cheese and plantain mezzelune, fresh salads, healthy bowls that bring to your table a taste of our salad and antipasti bar, pizza roasted on a wood-fired oven as well as simple and well executed options such as deboned chicken with grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes – perfect for an everyday meal.

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